jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

ACTIVITY Nº 1. 09/08/2012

This is the first page I recomend to download books for free.!!!!!

- It’s a very good page because is easy to download the books that you want. Is not necessary using a password to entry, is free and a very easy website.

- First of all you have to select the type of book that you want.
1.       Select the book with a click
2.       Select the title of the book that you prefer with a click
3.       You have to wait about 20 seconds before you download the book
4.       And then press regular download
5.       Now when you press regular download, the screen will open another tab in which you have to wait another 20 minutes.
6.       And after wait you can start to download the book and save it.

The second website to download books for free is:

Is a very and dynamic website in which you can find stories, fairy tales and other things. You can download very interesting books.

1. you have to select the book and make a click on tha title.
2.After that, you have to click on link 1.
3. When you click there, there will be another page in which you have to select the book again and the book will apear in a few seconds.

The third website I recomend is:


This page is very good for english students. You can find a lot of material, activities, books, literature,etc. Is a very complete page and I like it a lot.

Carla Quintanilla
Constanza Valdivia