jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

What's hot in second language teaching...

Blended Education 
We have to say that for us blended learning is a brand new concept because we never heard a thing about it, but now that we read what it is, we realize that is one of the more important concepts in education these days. Because is like a perfect mixture between E-learning (teaching process supported by technology) and face to face learning (teaching related to teacher –students contact). 
We have to consider that is not the same if we applied Blended learning in a English lab or in a classroom with limited devices , for example in the first one the student can consult their teacher for one advice maybe or something specific about the content , and in the other one students learn more face to face .

For us E – Learning is a learning model that uses the internet as a learning tool.
This Model is very useful tool for the students because allows them to take the course from anywhere in the world at any time.
The students can answer a variety of interactive activities and also find information that they need. I it’s a very powerful tool because the students can be in contact with the teacher and will be very useful to increase they knowledge.  
It`s useful for teachers because they will acquire skills related to the technology.

Here we have some examples: 


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